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Deep Rooted in the Culture Acing faster economic growth Incremental Revenue Share Model For Those who take pride in their existence

Swarna Pravartak

SwarnaPravartak is the flagship program of SwarnaSrishti aimed at providing gainful employment to those who believe in the Indian Culture and the value system that it holds. It is curated in a manner that not only will the SwarnaPravartaks be empowered to drive their sustenance but will also gain knowledge of the Indian culture- something that can help them build alternate career streams on the go too.

In addition to this, the dedicated training modules of the program are aimed at ensuring a holistic development of the individual instead of focussing solely on the professional gains.

Fixed Monthly income generation

Dedicated training and growth assistance

Incremental revenue share model for faster economic growth

Recognition across the social groups and nationwide community

How is SwarnaPravartak different from Others?
Through the SwarnaPravartak Program, we want to reach out to the Indian Youth in a manner that they get an additional reason to be proud of the Indian culture.
Focus on Quality
The SwarnaPravartaks are selected through a rigorous process so that only the most dedicated make it to the cut
Consistency of Earning
While majorly commission based, the program assures of a minimum earning to cover for your basic sustenance
Giver’s Gain Model
The more one is able to contribute, the higher is the gain for that individual Pravartak

Listen From Other


I was amongst the first of the SwarnaPravartaks when a batch of 5 was selected and trained. I was surprised to know about how much our culture had. The interaction with the team and the entire training was very good
G Subhash
The in-field sales experience has been really good. It gets overwhelming sometimes but the results are also in accordance and in the past six months I have grown significantly.
Preethy Ashwin K
I got to know about the SwaranPravartak program through Facebook. I was in between jobs after COVID and had to move back to Chennai. It has been 4 months and I am grateful to be a part of this program. I am able to stay with my parents, take care of them and the family and also earn a decent income.
Senthilkumar D

The selection process

The very first stage, here the interested people will have to apply on the form available on the website or across Social Media.

This stage shall involve the candidates getting a call from SwarnaSrishti for a preliminary clearance. The candidates will be judged over their inclination towards their objective and their soft skills in general

This will involve a basic online test to check basic mathematical and aptitude analysis. The test will be administered online within a given time frame with the camera being on to ensure a dedicated test-taking environment

Basics of what lies ahead in the course will be taught at this stage.. A basic sales training module will also be a part of this. The sessions will be delivered online

An online MCQ and situation based test will be administered at this stage. The test will be administered online within a given time frame with the camera being on to ensure a dedicated test-taking environment

The last stage of the hiring process. This test will involve basic training over good practices in communication. The candidate will be tested for their basic fluency.

Who can be a

Swarna Pravartak

If you are proud of your roots and think that you would want to contribute to the culture in a manner that it becomes a sustainable source of livelihood for you as well, SwarnaPravartak is the program for you.